The Story of My Wife Ch. 01

I previously wrote these stories over twenty years ago and after many years reading stories on Literotica I have decided to start posting my own. After these are posted I will start working on new ones. I did very little revising or editing to these stories. Mostly minor changes in grammar and punctuation, sentence structure, and readability.


The Story of My Wife, Chapter One. Two Firsts


The first time I saw the woman who would become my wife she was completely naked, straddling a lover, and having the time of her life. I instantly knew she enjoyed being on top. She wasn't sweating, she simply radiated passion. How much of it came from sexual energy would be speculation on my part but I have come to recognize that radiance and enjoy the benefits of being a part of it.

She had a shorter hairstyle at the time and her natural auburn curls were lighter from the moisture and bounced quite freely as she rode her partner. Her breasts were round, flushed with passion, and clearly marked with pink, thumb sized, nipples. In fact, she was pulling on them as she slid back and forth on her lover. He had a firm grip on her hips but I couldn't tell if he was helping her slide around or holding on to make sure she didn't bounce off.

Maybe both.

Her skin was awesome. It had a sexual sheen no one could misunderstand. Her delightful ass merely accentuated her femininity and clearly marked her as a grown woman, not a young girl. It is to this day an inspiring sight, regardless of attire.

Perhaps I should explain how I had come to be in this position. A position of voyeuristic delights and a stalkers obsession.

It's a wonder I didn't get arrested.

I had just entered my senior year at a major southwestern university and Janie was one year behind me. I was in need of a part time job to supplement loans, grants, and parental contributions and I stumbled upon a position as maintenance director at a local townhouse community.

It seems the previous director had made the tenants nervous, as well as falling behind in the repairs. It didn't take me long to discover why he was behind in his work. He had installed peepholes from his apartment into the adjoining apartments in the building. Partial payment for being maintenance director is a rent-free apartment and if I had known who the neighbors were I may have been willing to pay the rent in full for that room. In fact, I know I would have.

My predecessor spent quite a bit of time wiring small cameras and peepholes in the closets and air vents and it's a wonder he got anything done at all. I discovered the access quite by accident one day when I was packing up a closet and heard voices. I removed a cover panel and found it to open into an air vent that opened into my neighbor's bedroom. The voices I heard were from the television so I quickly replaced the panel and made plans to investigate further that evening. I later found a couple more plates that covered access into other parts of the apartment and to top it off they had miniature security cameras wired into a small TV/VCR in one of the closets. The closet had a false back with the small TV set to monitor the cameras. It even had a remote switch to control what camera displayed live to the screen. It was just great. It was all I could do to prevent myself from running into the street and proclaiming my good fortune.

But I digress.

They began rocking violently on the bed as the young man held firm and Janie moved with the animal passion born of sheer physical desire. She had her head thrown back and her mouth wide open in a silent scream of pleasure. Silent that is until that jolt of electricity hit. The young stud held off as long as possible but finally arched his back and shot his hips several inches off the bed, propelling Janie up and burying his cock even deeper. I would be amazed at how deep. She let out a yell that would make a man proud and used her legs to grip his hips just like she was riding a rambunctious colt. Reaching down to grab his arms like the reins on that colt and pull herself tighter in the saddle. Her head was flopping wildly and nearly matching her breast action now that she had let go of them. He had thrust up into her almost brutally nearly half a dozen times and each time she had landed back in the saddle with a brutality to match. From my angle I couldn't get a clear picture of what was happening between her legs, but it sure looked like she was coming up far enough to put body parts at risk if she landed inappropriately. My concern was, as I would later find out, unjustified.

Eventually she collapsed on his chest as he sunk down into the bed, lazily running his hands over her back and ass, gently toying with her asshole. A giggle and a shake of her head indicated that was going to be a dead end, so to speak. Then it was time to be truly shocked.

As she gingerly eased herself up and off her lover I was absolutely stunned at the amount of cock she extracted from her cunt. I suspected the gentleman was thicker than the average, but he was huge. And still quite "engaged" if you know what I mean. She was gaping open, semen just pouring out. She then flopped back onto the bed, obviously exhausted by this freak of nature, only to have him make an attempt at mounting her again.

She pushed him away, smiling patiently, speaking soothingly. I heard her tell him three hours was all she could handle from him. In an apparent effort to shock me even further I then heard her suggest he go down the hall and check on her roommate since she may be available to him. He jumped up with the silliest grin I had seen lately and pleasantly bobbed his way across the room and out the door, on his way to fresh meat I could only assume. Moments later a striking brunette burst into the bedroom with studly firmly in tow. Laughing, she asked if this guy was for real and Janie just pulled a sheet over herself and told her the only real way to find out was to experience him.

I couldn't believe my eyes, ears, and all other applicable senses. This kid was taking advantage of the brunette's decision to stand still to pull her panties down and feel her up. In no time she had her nightshirt off and was wrapped in an embrace that was headed one way. I expected the kid to just mount her right against the wall but discretion won out for the young lady and she towed him back down the hall. From what I overheard they were headed for the shower. I could only assume she wasn't completely comfortable sharing the remnants of her roommate's passionate encounter with the young man.

Janie and I became good friends over time but it was Shelly, the roommate, I would occasionally share a bed with. Janie had committed to "no serious lovers" while in school and I didn't want ours to be a casual relationship. I knew if I started sleeping with her I wouldn't be content with that kind of relationship so I chose to be her friend and we both agree that was the best thing we could have done at the time. It was an amazing stroke of maturity on my part. Of course, playing the voyeur was an amazing stroke of immaturity but I refuse to apologize for my actions. After graduation I very reluctantly moved to another city to begin my career. Imagine my good fortune several months later when Janie was offered her "dream job" in the same city. We soon began dating and finally fell into a lover's relationship, growing closer each time we were together. We married a year later and have been blindly happy ever since. I have never told Janie about the camera and the peephole, but I did remove all evidence of them when I moved out.

Ironically, and at my encouragement, Janie has been very open about her past relationships and her sexuality. She has even "given me the details" surrounding encounters I knew intimately as well as those lessons in passion she experienced before I peeped into her life.

What has to be my favorite story from Janie was the one she told about her first real "sexual" experience. Janie's family had moved into a new neighborhood when she was in Jr. High. The whole cul-de-sac was new construction and as fate would have it eight of the families had children in Jr. High. In fact, some of the families moved in just because the children on the street that were the same age as their child. They ended up with five boys and three girls growing up together and becoming very good friends. As good friends are prone to do they protected one another, played games together, and got curious together. As the teenage years progressed the sexual tension would sometimes get rather thick, until one day when they were 16 and 17 years old things came to a head, sort of. Hell, I was amazed it took that long.

It seems a couple of the guys were often teasing the girls about playing strip poker, offering to let them deal the cards, shuffle the deck, whatever they wanted. Finally one of the girls got right to the point and said since all they wanted was to see them naked why didn't they just draw cards to see who would go first and then take turns removing their clothes one item at a time. That would be kind of like strip poker except everyone would end up naked. Janie was a little shocked by the suggestion but since she had begun to give serious consideration to the strip poker idea she allowed herself to be talked into it. Besides, she wanted to see what the guys looked like naked too. After all, they had matured significantly in the last couple of years and she had to admit their group was quite the attractive crowd.

Since there were more boys they decided to alternate boy-girl-boy-girl-boy-boy-girl-boy and draw cards to see what the order would be for the guys and the gals. Janie was the second girl. They gathered in a circle in the bedroom of one of the guys and began to strip. The nerves were taking a toll as each of them fumbled with buttons and snaps, giggling with unease and anticipation, as each member of the group disrobed further. Janie was embarrassed to remove her shirt, and even further embarrassed to drop her skirt. She was thankful she had on new underpants and not something with holes or tears. In fact, she never again wore panties she would be embarrassed for her friends to see. Her friend Sheila was the last girl in line to remove her clothes but she discovered she would be naked first because she was only wearing a one-piece jumper and no shoes or socks. Janie still laughs at the memory of her expression when she realized what was happening. As compensation the group decided to remove shoes and socks all at once and not make them part of the game. Sheila was only slightly mollified as she reluctantly removed her bra and sat in only her underpants while most of the group still had their goodies covered. She attempted to cover her breasts but the guys insisted that wasn't allowed. Betty laughed when she agreed to the rule, it was becoming increasingly apparent the guys were more than a little aroused by the game and their briefs were doing little to restrain the young men.

As Janie removed her bra the guys were getting quite intense. All three girls had very stiff nipples and Janie wondered if the boys even had a clue what that meant. Janie and Betty were about the same size upstairs, with Sheila being more the tall and thin variety. Her breasts were smaller but Janie had always thought they were very pretty. Dropping the garment onto her pile she stole a glance at Sheila, wondering if it was time to end the game. Sheila unsteadily made her way to her feet and daintily pulled her panties off. There were some audible gasps and sighs, and even a moan, from the guys in the room. Sheila just stood back up and announced, "Ta Da," as she dropped her flowered panties onto her pile. The others broke into an impromptu cheer for Sheila as she made an attempt to discreetly take her seat back on the floor as ladylike as a naked lady could. She was a natural brunette and had apparently been shaving her bikini line that summer. Janie was sure she could smell her friend as soon as her panties came off. When the first boy pulled of his undershorts the girls all began to giggle as his erection sprang loose. He was obviously embarrassed and Janie quickly sensed that and told the others to hush. "I doubt you would be giggling if someone wanted to put something that big inside you," she said. That seemed to silence her girlfriends and restore some of the boy's pride. At the time she no idea how he compared to others but she soon found out he compared quite well.

Betty was a well-tanned blonde; her breasts were already exposed and showed a clear tan line. When she gingerly pulled her panties down she looked like she had on a see through bikini. She wasn't quite as discreet or ladylike when sitting back down and the guys got a little crotch shot for their trouble. Her grin let them all know it was intentional. In what was the scariest moment of her life 16 year old Janie stood up and peeled her panties off and quickly sat back down. Being a red head got her a little extra attention, as the guys wanted to see her "matching luggage."

"Let them look," she thought, "I know I will."

In what amounted to a very short time all eight were naked and staring at one another in silence. The boys were obviously aroused and Janie was now very sure the girls were becoming quite fragrant. She almost giggled thinking about it and how the guys were likely clueless about it all. Janie and her girlfriends spent some time studying the boys. After all, they were curious too. The boys were all just a little different. A couple tapered at the end and the others had a bigger head than the shaft. The tapered ones were straight and the other curved. Janie wondered how the curved ones would feel inside her. Hell, she thought, I wonder what any of them would feel like. There were similar sizes, but different thickness, and a noticeable difference between the longest and the shortest. Although it seemed odd that the shortest one was the fattest, but the longest was not the skinniest. Predictably, the question of "What now?" was raised. Betty let it be known in no uncertain terms that they need not expect to get laid that day. Billy shocked them all by then saying, "OK, then how about masturbating?"

Janie still thinks Sheila misunderstood the question, but the next thing that happened was when Sheila simply said, "OK" and moved next to Billy. She clumsily began to stroke him and it looked like Billy was about to explode simply from the touch of a female. At that age I suspect it was true. In a matter of just a couple of minutes Billy shot off like a fire hose all over himself and Sheila and parts of the furniture. Wide eyed and stunned by this turn of events Janie eased in front of Steve [he was closest] and reached for his cock. "You're not going to do that are you?" She asked, nodding toward Billy.

"I will if you keep that up" was his strangled reply.

Sitting with her legs tucked under her she concentrated on stroking Steve, feeling very awkward. He had begun leaking semen shortly after she started and kept muttering "don't stop, don't stop" as she slowly pumped her hand over him. Looking to her left and watching Betty start in on Larry Janie almost missed seeing him erupt as he shot off and splattered her hair, breasts, cheek, and lap. Even though she let out a startled yelp about her predicament she followed Steve's instructions and didn't stop stroking until he stopped shooting.

What a trouper, and you have to ask why I love her so much?

Betty was bringing Larry closer to a climax and everyone was wondering where his semen would end up. Betty shocked them all when she said "I don't want this all over the place, lets try something different." She then bent over and cautiously placed her mouth over the head of Larry's cock. Janie estimates it took about 30 seconds for Larry to cum. Betty pulled away choking and coughing and Larry ended up shooting all over the both of them anyway. She smacked him in the arm as soon as she recovered. "Why didn't you tell me you were going to do that? I almost drowned." She was a little peeved about the rest of the gang laughing at her and showing little sympathy.

"Hell," said Larry, "I thought you knew what you were doing."

That left Andy and Frank. Janie and Sheila glanced at one another and then Janie moved toward Frank. Sheila was closer to Andy and Frank looked like he may not take that long. As she started to stroke him he started breathing a little harder and tensing up. She asked if he was about to finish and he barely squeaked out a "yes." Out of sheer curiosity Janie leaned over and took the head of his cock into her mouth. That was all it took as he shot off into her waiting mouth. Janie handled things a little better than the off guard Betty but a lot of it still ended up all over the both of them. The taste was OK but the force of the ejaculation startled her. Sheila took a different approach; she leaned over Andy and held her mouth open. She ended up with a lot on her face but probably managed to swallow more that Betty and Janie.

That was the first of several encounters the group had. Janie later found out Betty and Sheila ended up at home masturbating about it all just like she did. It was then that they decided the guys owed them a favor. Janie still gets damp just thinking about it and I get just about as hard as I can stand it.

It's definitely a wonderful marriage.


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